that’s not a continuity error already by page 2 he rolled down his window off panel I swear I swear just go with it just go with it

↓ Transcript
Emily puts her face in her hands and puffs out her cheeks, "I don't need friends, I have friends." Then she leans over, holding herself up with one arm to glare right at her father in the drivers seat, "Y'know, on the other side of the country that you so cruelly tore me away from."
Daniel isn't shown but his response is, "You didn't have that many friends." while Marissa watches Daniel, nervously.
Emily looks back out the window, mumbling, "I had at least two. And I'll never see them again because of you."
Daniel rests his arm on the windowsill, obviously tense, "Can you just–for one day, just today– can you not do that thing you always do? Can you just be quiet and try to be a good kid for one day?"
Emily shuts her mouth, crossing her arms and glaring at her father in a silent protest.
They pull up to the church parking lot and Daniel speaks again, "Emily. When someone asks you a question, answer it."
And Emily responds, annoyed, "I was just–I was being… okay!"