My Apple Pencil broke halfway through this so I never want to look at this page again (I got a new one I just spent weeks trying to finish this with my finger first lmao)

↓ Transcript
Emily and Marissa are standing beside the car in the parking lot. Daniel has walked ahead of them and is making his way towards the church. Emily crosses her arms in frustration and Marissa rubs the back of her neck nervously as she watches Daniel walk away, "yknow, he's…"
Marissa puts her hands on Emily's shoulders, reassuringly, "he's just had a really long day, it's not your fault." Emily looks away, mumbling, "wonder if he's ever gonna have a short day…"
Marissa looks over at Daniel out of the corner of her eye, still talking to Emily, "maybe when we're settled– but we should really go in…" and Daniel yells her name off-panel.
Marissa and Emily start walking towards the church and Emily says, "I just don't even know why you would want to live on an island." Marissa's expression relaxes, "You don't like the island? lots of beautiful beaches here." Emily shrugs, annoyed, "it's not About the beaches."
Emily continues, raising her arms dramatically, "haven't you heard of global warming? A bunch of ice is melting and in five years, I swear, the whole island is gonna be underwater. Then if we don't all drown to death, we're gonna be eaten by sharks!"
Marissa laughs, "sharks? are you sure?" and Emily responds off-panel, "yeah, SHARKS." Marissa asks "do you ever think maybe we let you on the internet too much?" and Emily responds, "I dunno."