Recurring Characters:

Upcoming characters are posted in the discord but the cast page will only update as new characters are introduced in each page.

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21 | May 5 | 170cm (5’7)

The emotionally lazy main character.

Currently trying to get her shit together


21 | August 8 | 177cm (5’10)

Emily’s first friend and ex-girlfriend.

They’ve been on-again, off-again since high school but seem to get along best as just friends.

Minor Characters:


? | October 23 | 170cm (5’7)

Emily’s mother.

She isn’t around at the moment.

(As seen in the prologue flashback)


46 | April 17 | 178cm (5’10)

Emily’s father.

He isn’t around at the moment

(As seen in the prologue flashback)

Anna & Guy Parker

46 & 47

Elise’s parents.

They’re nice enough, just not very relevant.

(As seen in the prologue flashback)