Saying Too Much follows the story of Emily, a full time college student juggling two jobs, as she makes her way through life with unhealthy coping mechanisms and a truckload of baggage. The series begins in the late summer of 2016.

Recommended for those who are 17+ as the story addresses mature themes including substance use, self harm and mild sexual content.


Comic updates
Usually on fridays every couple weeks.

Will there be printed versions?
The comic is currently being rewritten and drawn in printable format. Once there are enough pages out, the first volume will be released. In the meantime it will remain online for those who cannot afford it.

Discord/bonus content
Message me on twitter for an invite to the discord.

Thank you <3


ochairo is a 20-something year old self taught artist working on her first and only webcomic. It was created to be entirely self indulgent because she just wanted to draw lesbians being stupid.

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