Saying Too Much follows the story of Emily, an impulsive lesbian with a personality disorder as she struggles through life with unhealthy coping mechanisms and a truckload of baggage. The series takes place in Canada and begins around late summer of 2016.

Recommended for those who are 16+ as the story regularly addresses adult themes including sex, alcohol, drugs, addiction, self harm/suicidal ideation and physical/emotional abuse. Extremely heavy content will have a trigger warning for that chapter.


When does the comic update?
It’s supposed to update on Fridays but is currently undergoing a full revamp of the series so there is a current hiatus.

Will there be printed versions?
The comic is currently being rewritten and drawn in printable format. Once there are enough pages out, the first volume will be released. In the meantime it will remain online for those who cannot afford it.

Where can I talk about the comic? Can you tell me more about ____?
I really LOVE talking about my story and the characters. I’m so happy when people are interested or curious. There is a discord server for this purpose, to discuss current pages, share memes, whatever. There are also comments open on this website for each page.

How can I support you and the comic? What can I do to get more updates and art?
If you can afford it, subscribe to me on Patreon. Any donations otherwise help too if you can’t be a patron.
If you want to help but don’t have any money just share the shit out of the comic! Comment on all the pages you like, share my website. Follow me on social media below and like, comment, share, etc.
Thank you <3


Born and raised in British Columbia, ochairo is a self taught artist. Though she has dabbled in art and character building, Saying Too Much is her first webcomic. She’s a lesbian stereotype with four cats and an RPG addiction.

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