So I’m finally restarting the comic after like a 3 year hiatus.
if you read the old version you’ll notice some differences but they’re (imo) for the better. the characters are mostly the same, some designs have been changed but personalities are pretty much the same, I just didn’t like how the first few chapters were written and the pages were not printable. I have all the old pages saved in a pdf and someday I might share it to make fun of it but in the meantime please consider this the real story and enjoy!

↓ Transcript
A close up of Emily's desk with a bullet journal opened to the first page. the left side has pen sketches of some of Emily's friends:
Paige smiling and avoiding eye contact with "telling a bad joke" written above her.
Skylar smoking a joint, below says "no idea what she looks like now". Ryland frowning, and raising her eyebrows judgmentally beside "have you considered NOT being poor?" there is also a sketch of one of Rylands earrings that says "when Ryland crosses me I'm pawning these."
A drawing of Dawn that says "je suis napoleon"
A drawing of Lilah exhaling smoke.
A drawing of Claire with angel wings and a halo, holding her hands in prayer form and a drawing of Elise with devil's horns and a tail. Her shirt says "spray tan devil" and both Claire and Elise are sharing a thought bubble with breasts in it and the word "honestly" written above it.

The right side has "August 2016" written at the top and has a monthly calendar. The calendar shows Emily's work hours, averaging at 70 a week, Elise's 21st birthday on the 8th, and Paige's 19th birthday on the 25th. The very last week is scribbled out with a black marker.

Below the calendar there's a drawing of a cat holding up a middle finger that says "I fucking hate it here, emily." and a drawing of a cracked skull that says "i think it's broke doc". There's a to do list in the corner with the following tasks:
"Get paige something (not elise though, elise never gets me shit)"
"work" with a face with x's for eyes beside it
"adhd meds"
"check on breadstick"