↓ Transcript
Paige is leaning against Emily's shoulder, pouting and starting to tear up. (sparkles added for real life shoujo moment) "I know, I just--..."
"Dude I wasn't like... tryna make it a /thing/. I was just sayin'."
"Yeah and I'M just saying, you don't deserve that."
Emily rolls her eyes, a little annoyed, "Paige, if you make this into a thing, I swear to god I will leave so fast."
and Paige laughs in response, "You can't leave. you can kick me out, but this is your place."
"not anymore. I can find a new place if you're gonna be weird about this shit."
"oh, I'm weird? says the one who named a living breathing creature Breadstick."
That makes Emily break into a grin, "wait wait wait. fuck you, I was TWELVE. obviously I'd pick a better name now. but kids are dumb."
"oh yeah?"
"...gimme a minute"