really taking a beating trying to get through this prologue

↓ Transcript
The girl from the last page, Elise, grabs Emily by the arm. She asks, "Hey! Emily right?"
Emily responds, "Apparently."

Elise pulls Emily to her side and slings her arm over her shoulder, addressing Emily's mother, "You know, Marissa, they do Sunday School downstairs during the service. Why Doesn't Emily come with me?" As Emily stares at Elise.

Marissa clasps her hands together, smiling, "oh that would be amazing, thank you! She has so much trouble paying attention in church—" Emily tries to interrupt, "mom."

Marissa ignores Emily's protests, "Doctor says it's ADHD–" Emily gets louder, "Mom." Marissa continues, "Can you make sure the other kids include her too? She's too shy to say anything herself but she'll be really bummed if she's left out." And Emily yells, "Oh my gosh mom, can you please stop talking?" Elise starts laughing.

Elise pulls Emily by the arm again, already leading her off and reassures Marissa, "Don't worry Madame, you can count on me." and Marissa seems pleased, "So polite! Thank you."

Elise starts leading Emily by the shoulders towards the stairs across the room, "Come here Emily, let's go make you some friends and learn about Jesus." Emily looks annoyed and says, "Yeah I dunno when I agreed to that." As her mom looks over at them from the background, a little nervous.