I am aware there are anatomical issues but if you have a problem with that you should learn to accept imperfect women

↓ Transcript
The scene has changed to the inside of the church lobby. Emily is playing around with an artificial plant while her mom is talking to another family. Her dad is off god knows where, probably pretending she doesn’t exist. Only bits and pieces of Marissa’s conversation can be heard because Emily doesn’t care enough to listen. Some of it sounds like “Blah blah blah” to Emily. She hears Ontario being mentioned and slowly starts to focus on the conversation as she realizes her mother is talking about her.
Marissa calls to Emily, “Emily? Emily come here, I found a new friend for you.”

Emily raises her eyebrows, tugging on a leaf on the fake plant, “I’m good actually. Real busy right now.”
Her mother pulls her by the shoulder towards the other family anyway and apologizes, “Sorry, she’s not usually like this. She’s just a little moody from the move.” She smiles at Emily, “C’mon Emily, you’re really gonna like Elise.” Emily’s face is flushed, frustrated she’s being torn away from the very interesting plant and forced into socialization.

Marissa continues pushing Emily by the shoulder while Emily complains, “I dunno HOW MANY times I gotta tell you but—“ She looks at a girl, Elise about her age, smiling at her and swaps out what she was going to say, “I would really love to make friends?”